COFFEE !! An essential plant for Sweden !! Frost tender.

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This might be a good plant depending on the space you have available and if your growing environment is always above freezing point. Coffee is frost tender, so in cold climates, bring it indoors. Also, it doesn't like extreme heat, and it likes humidity... just make sure you put a water tray under your plant in the summer. 

For my own 2m wide balcony, it looks like growing 1-2 coffee trees vertically might be entirely possible. I would have to trim them to 1m wide at the end of each growing season for them to happily fit into the space I have available. My honey drinks HEAPS of coffee (Sweden is one of the heaviest coffee-consuming countries in the world), so producing coffee on the balcony will go some way to reducing coffee bean expenditure. How great to be able to produce your own fresh home-grown coffee. Magic !!  It even looks like you can bonsai a coffee tree (Hawaiian "kona" variety is best) or experiment with topiary even. It looks like it's possible to get lots of production from a very small space (footprint). When in berry, the branches on the bigger trees hang down significantly.

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How to Grow your own Coffee

Published on Jul 23, 2015

Learn how coffee that we drink every day called, Coffea arabica, can be grown in your home or garden. Coffee plants are very adaptable to light and can be grown in partial sun (shade grown coffee) or full sun. See how to tell when the coffee berries are ripe and ready to harvest so you can start enjoying.


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