Wooden vertical planters and worm farm compost.

I'm going to take "vertical gardening" to new heights! (pun) Lol !! I'm already figuring out how to make 30" square 50" tall bins for growing tubers (potato etc). I'll use the same 30x50" design to create a 'worm farm' compost (the heart of any garden) since composts keep the whole complex of plants really alive. Most of these bins will have 1" chicken wire in the base - good aeration and drainage. For the worm farm, there will be at least 3 levels of chicken wire on the inside so that the chewed up kitchen scraps turned into vermacil (worm droppings) will fall down to the lowest layer and into a deep 6" planter base as the wee worms transform greens into browns. This helps to keep things as clean and tidy as possible I actually drew up a rough plan yesterday for my compost and growing bins. All of these bins will be on casters (wheels) and will sit in large round plastic planter bases of around 6" height. They…

COFFEE !! An essential plant for Sweden !! Frost tender.

This might be a good plant depending on the space you have available and if your growing environment is always above freezing point. Coffee is frost tender, so in cold climates, bring it indoors. Also, it doesn't like extreme heat, and it likes humidity... just make sure you put a water tray under your plant in the summer. 
For my own 2m wide balcony, it looks like growing 1-2 coffee trees vertically might be entirely possible. I would have to trim them to 1m wide at the end of each growing season for them to happily fit into the space I have available. My honey drinks HEAPS of coffee (Sweden is one of the heaviest coffee-consuming countries in the world), so producing coffee on the balcony will go some way to reducing coffee bean expenditure. How great to be able to produce your own fresh home-grown coffee. Magic !!  It even looks like you can bonsai a coffee tree (Hawaiian "kona" variety is best) or experiment with topiary even. It looks like it's possib…

Here is the balcony i'm working with. Skåne, Sweden

This photo was taken on June 10, 2017 at 2:40pm local Swedish time. Beautiful.

As you can see, the balcony is south-facing so it gets a fair amount of sunshine, even in the summer when the sun spends a lot of time to the North. In the equinox seasons, the sun will be almost continuous as it gets lower and lower in the sky to the south. The total area of the balcony is 2 metres wide by 10 metres long.  There is a conservatory area of 5m long (furtherest from us) and a completely outdoor area of 5m long (nearest us).  As you can see, the old single-glaze windows in the conservatory have recently been removed and nice thick panels of ceiling to floor glass are being installed. The panels are on tracks and can either be closed firmly shut, or pushed back against the wall as you see in this photo. This means that the conservatory can either be completely enclosed, or completely open - or partially, according to the weather.

I plan on putting a "day bed" in the conservatory to re…

Food grown in pots doesn't have to be "minimalist". A large amount of your food needs can be met if you go vertical. Start composting immediately.

Source - Where does my food come from?
I will have a 10 metre x 2 metre balcony when I get to Sweden... That's around 30 feet x 6 feet.  I have already visualised the summer garden on my balcony. Everything that naturally grows upwards (climbers) will be given maximal opportunity to do so. Somewhat shorter crops such as cherry tomatoes, kale, spinach, silverbeet, beetroot, rhubarb, herbs, zucchini, capsicum, eggplants, lilies - onion family including leeks and spring onions, carrots of various colors, and berries will be grown closest to the railings and up against the wall of the apartment on shelves of different depths. I will probably use metal garage-type shelving against the wall so I can "stack" as much food as possible vertically. 

Seriously climbing plants will likely be given space in the middle of the balcony. There is space enough (2 metres wide) on my new balcony to grow 3 rows of food. Each large square pot (approx. 50cm x 50cm) in the middle row will …

Kick-starting your interest. Growing food in pots - Hyderabad, South India